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This is my original story and unnamed characters. Don't use this situation or characters without my permission
A Valentine to Remember
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A Valentine to Remember

There was a large box of chocolates on the couch in the living room. I looked around to spy the culprit before advancing farther into the living room. It better not be him again. Damn creepy stalker. I don't know how he got a copy of my key again. Especially since I had a new round of locks installed a week ago.

With a nervous look around I ran to the door and checked to see if it had been messed with. I couldn't tell though.

Great. Another call to the police again. They are going to stop coming over until they get some solid proof of this guy. I groaned as I dialed the number to the local police department by heart. I stopped using 911 when I was threatened with legal action after the first dozen times. I mean what the hell?

With a heavy heart I waited until some gruff sergeant patched me through to the detective that has been working with me on this matter. I had a feeling he was tired of getting calls from me as well. I don't blame him really. I mean its been six months since this shit started.

“Hi Detective, its me again,” I said in a nervous rush.

“Ah, yes, how are you Miss -,” he said before I cut him off in another nervous rush. I just wanted to get this over with.

“He broke in again,” the apprehension was thick in my voice. “He left me a large heart of Valentines chocolates.” I wanted to cry.

“Did you - “ he again tried to finish a sentence.

“YES!” I wailed.

“Calm down. We'll be over in a minute. In the mean time don't touch anything, including the candy.”

I sniffed pitifully before answering with an equally pitiful voice.

After hanging up the phone, I slumped where I stood.

Ye Gods and little fishes would it ever end?!

6 Months Ago

There was a small shoe shaped package on the front porch as I approached. It was beautifully wrapped in shiny red paper with an equally gorgeous shiny god bow with large hoops and trailing ends.

“Oh, I wonder if this is from Jonathan,” I said with awe in my voice.

I had a huge crush on him. He was a very handsome man I was working with at with the corporate law firm, Weston, Johns and Jones et. al. We were legal secretaries for some very high profile lawyers. There were seven partners in all. But we just worked mainly with Weston along with twelve others.

I stared at it in wonder and giddiness. I wanted to open it right then but storm clouds were starting to come closer. So I scooped the package up and quickly entered the small house where I lived.

I stopped short in surprise.

There on the couch was a larger package done the exact same way as the small ones in my hand.

I looked down in suspicion now at the gaudily wrapped package and dropped as if it was a poisonous snake I held and not a gift.

“Hello? Is-is any-anyone here?” I was scared out of my ever-loving mind. I gulped and let out a yelp as I ran to my kitchen to call the police.

They had responded quickly and asked all the usual questions. Had I left the door unlocked? Did I open a window and forget to close it? Did you drop a copy of my house key and didn't realize it.

And so on in that vein. And of course I said 'No' each of them. I always checked to make sure everything is secure, even if I'm in a rush.

It was during the course of scouring the house for signs of a break-in they found that the lock had been tampered with. There were numerous scratch marks to the lock that I hadn't noticed as being odd. I knew that sometimes in the dark I miss the key hole a lot. But apparently these were different from the normal wear and tear and missed attempts at putting a key in properly.

“Boss, they look like they were deliberately made,” said a portly cop in a standard CSU jacket and cap. There was a light dusting of what looked like powdered sugar. I had to stifle a snigger at the cliche.

“Is that unusual Detective?”

“Not really,” he said. “Some creeps like to leave reminders that they were here and for the people to find out by guys like us.”

I shuddered in revulsion.

My home had been violated.


“Are you ok Miss,” he asked as he put a concerned hand on my shoulder. I shrugged off. I couldn't stand the touch of anyone at the moment.

“No, I feel extremely violated right now. So please don't touch me right now.”

He nodded in sympathy.

“Can I go see if things in my house have been stolen? I have some antique heirloom jewelery tucked away in a floor safe I have.”

With another silent nod he waved a CSU officer over and told her to escort me around the house so I wouldn't compromise anything by mistake. They even gave me a pair of gloves to be on the safe side.

I was getting frustrated beyond belief. Some stranger broke into her home and shook her sense of security. She hated this unknown person. Hated them with a purple passion.

Luckily nothing had been stolen. Everything was right were it should have been. I heaved a sigh in relief.

The detective appeared the doorway and asked me to come out to the living room. They wanted me to open the packages. I sooo didn't want to, but I had to. Another shudder rippled down my body and I suddenly felt cold and clammy.

I felt like every eye was on me, and they were.

I walked to the couch reluctantly reached for the smaller of the two packages. It was covered in fingerprint dust now and no longer looked pretty.

I plucked at the plastic ribbon with jerky motions. I didn't want to touch it, but I had to.

After the ribbon and wrapping was removed it turned out to be a shoe box. And it wasn't from some local store like Wal-Mart. Noo, this was from an online adult store website.

I really didn't want to open them now.

“Do I really have to?”

“I'm afraid so Miss.”

With a groan I took the lid off. I was right not wanting to open them.

They were a white ultra high pair of platform stiletto heeled shoes. The heels and platform was of clear plastic and the rest was made of some plastic-y material. Oh god in heaven please help me!

There was nervous clearing of throats. We all had an idea of what might be in the other box and most of the men politely left the room except a few plain clothed officers.

I whined a little, dreading opening the one on my couch. I didn't want to open it.

I took a few shuddering breaths and reached for it and just teared it open rapidly. I just wanted to get it over and done with.

It was a box from the same online adult store.

I whined again as I opened it and pushed aside the tissue paper and held up the contents and immediately I felt heat rush to my cheeks.

It was a very see-through white silk nightie that would only go to the very tops of my thighs. There wasn't even a thong. It left absolutely nothing to imagination. I was mortified and let the wretched thing slip through my fingers to fall to the floor in a crumpled heap. I wanted to vomit.

Covering my mouth I lost the battle and raced to the bathroom to vomit everything I ate earlier that day.

When I was done I could hear the murmuring voices of the remaining officers. Thankfully they were wrapping things up. I just wanted to be by myself.


A hard booming knock jarred me out of my unpleasant reverie.

“Open up! Its the police!” Another hard series of knocks shook my door. It made me wonder how long I was mired in my unpleasant memories.

Shaking them off I walked to the door and checked the peephole. Sure enough it was the same detective as before. He lifted his fist up and opened his mouth to get my attention again before having to take more drastic measures.

I swung the door open swiftly which startled the hell out of him.

“Are you ok,” he asked as he used his body to walk into the house without invitation.

“Please come in Detective,” I muttered sarcastically.


“Nothing. Nothing at all. Where are the others?”

“They aren't coming. My lieutenant said he wasn't wasting more resources in tracking this alleged stalker of yours and just sent me.”

“Great now I'm a paranoid woman making shit up.”

“I believe you Miss, but stalking is so hard to proof with out forensics.”

I nodded and ran a frustrated hand through my long hair.

“Have you been anywhere else in the house?”

“No. I've only been in the living room and kitchen as always when this happens. I watch enough TV that I know to not touch things as much as possible. Not to mention from the numerous warnings I get after every time you all leave here.” I scowled.

“Sorry, I have to ask. Its standard,” he said apologetically.

I nodded in anger. This was old. Really old. I wanted to kill the bastard who was doing this to me. What the hell did I do to garner such attention or warrant it in the first place?

I was as plain as the day was long. Long dull dark brown hair with hints of silver in it despite only being twenty-five. Coloring it didn't keep the silver from showing as it grew out faster than I can keep it covered or trimmed up to a decent length. I had super dark eyes, and thick eyebrows that needed constant waxing to keep them trimmed and from growing into a caterpillar across my forehead. From what I can see of myself, and from my perspective, I wasn't a great beauty or even pretty.

“Uh, Miss,” said the detective tentatively.

“What?” I said nastily. My thoughts were unpleasant so why shouldn't I be?

“You might want to see this.” Something in is voice made me freeze.

Reluctantly I walked over to the couch and looked at the heart shaped chocolate box. He had opened it and there sat a picture of me sitting in a cafe with friends. I froze as I recognized the setting. I was with two of my friends from work. What was really scary was how up close the shot was. I didn't notice any photographers or anyone with a digital camera. But they would have had to been really close with a digital because not even one with a high quality zoom would get a picture with that kind of clarity.

I paled. I could literally feel the blood drain from my face. If I ever got of this alive, I was going lesbian. The thought of any man now repulsed me.

I swayed where I stood and saw spots dance before my eyes. I couldn't take this anymore. I just wanted the bastard to leave me alone.

Also inside the box of Valentines “goodies” was a note.

Dear Love,
How I have loved watching you from afar for a long time now. Watching you as your lovely skin colored with the changing seasons and paled to a lovely milky color in the cold months. Oh how I have longed to touch it. To caress it as we lay next to each other sated from consummating our love for one another. Let this be a new token of my affection! Will you be my sweet Valentine? Please say yes! I would be crushed to be denied. I know all my gifts have been taken from you from the infuriating police over the months.

Even so, I want to you to a candlelight dinner at lovely French restaurant at the intersection of 25th and 3rd. I will eagerly await you at Fracios. Table reservations have been already made for the two of us. Oh, and wear that sexy red number in your closet and have the maitre d put a long stem red rose in a wine bottle vase.

I eagerly await our meeting!

Your Love From Afar!

All the starch went out from my legs as I crumpled to the plush carpeting. Hot tears started to race down my cheeks to pool at my chin before dripping off.

I was barely aware of the larger man as his squatted next to me. “Are you going to be ok? Do you need an ambulance?”

I shook my head violently to both answers. I just wanted him gone. I wanted this asshole out of my life! Why?! Why me? What cosmic god did I piss off to deserve this attention? Was Murphy that in love with me these days. If so he can fuck the hell off! I didn't need this, didn't want it. What was it about me that made me so “special” to him.

A large hand cupped my elbow to help me up and into my recliner.

“I'm going to make a call to my boss. This is what I've been hoping for. A chance to catch this bastard,” he said gently as he pressed a couple of tissues into my unresponsive hands.

He picked up the box of chocolates gingerly with a plastic grocery bag from my kitchen. As he lifted the vile thing, a small piece of paper fluttered to the ground. What other nasty surprise awaited me on that piece of paper cut into a pair of cupid's wings edged with red and silver glitter glue?

It was a poem.

Roses are red
and violets are blue
take this sweet note, written just for you XOXOXO

I started to gag when it was finished being read aloud. But luckily I managed to keep my breakfast down.

“We'll get him and put him away, I promise,” he said as he left my home. Instead of a happy feeling with him leaving, there was a vile funk that sat and hunkered over my home. I felt an incredible urge to run out and get some dried sage. Its not the first time I've thought of using it in the past six months since this madness .

In the following weeks the police and I worked out on what would happen and when.

As Valentine approached I was getting more nervous as the days passed. This thing was finally going to end. My life would finally get back to normal.

Three days before Valentines Day

I went over my final moving preparations. I wasn't going to stay in this town after this was over. Too many bad memories now. Everything was tainted by this mess. I found no enjoyment in anything. Not work, going out with friends, hitting the gym, everything! I constantly felt this bastards eyes on me where ever I went. I jumped at the littlest things. The big thing that tortured me were camera flashes and the sound of someone using their cell phone to take pictures.

I put the finishes touches on my box of kitchenware with big block letters saying 'FRAGILE'. I was using plastic-ware and paper plates if I ate at home or didn't bring in takeout.

The movers would be at my place two days after this fiasco. The detective was trying to sway me into staying, but I was adamant in leaving. I'd come back for any trial they may set up against this guy. But I doubted that. They had no fingerprints or any kind of prints that would indicate that he was in my home. And when they canvassed the area multiple times, no one noticed anyone out of the ordinary. This person was a ghost for all the police knew. They did speculate that this guy may be a professional stalker. After getting caught once or twice these type of people knew how to hide.

Night Before Valentines Day

“Are you sure you can handle this Miss,” said the detective as he sat behind his cluttered desk.

“Yeah, I want this done and over with. I want my fucking life back.”

Taking a deep breath he nodded his head. “Good.”

Standing up before he could say something to make me change my mind I left.

I drove home in complete silence. The radio had nothing but sappy songs on and I wasn't in the mood to be reminded what was going to happen tomorrow evening. I was starting to have some doubts as to whether or not I could actually do this. But I knew there was n other way. Either it was done this way or not do it at all and hope that the scum bucket didn't follow me. I also wanted a chance to come face to face with my tormentor and laugh in glee as he was hauled away in cuffs. That alone could almost make up for the living hell he put me through.


The next morning I called the law firm where I worked to double check the arrangements I made to come into the office and get my last paycheck and pick up anything else I left behind. Everyone knew what was happening to me and what toll it was taking on me and didn't blame for high tailing it out of town as soon as it was over. I would miss everyone here but it was too painful for me. I just wanted a new life somewhere else, somewhere far away from this mess. This was why I choose Alaska. I'm moving to Anchorage. The weather was nice during the summers and I could deal with the harsh winters they had. Anything was better then this.


The surprise going away party was nice. I cried my eyes out. They had gotten a really nice heart shaped cake made out of red velvet with chocolate gouache and iced with a delicious pink butter cream. Mylar heart shaped balloons filled the offices medium sized break room. It was a welcome surprise on this foreboding day. I think everyone knew I needed this diversion and planned accordingly. I was really going to miss them.

After stuffing the six balloons and what was left of the cake in the back of my SUV, I drove home in silence again. Sappy songs and a million dedications to sweethearts all over the city. The high I had after leaving the party slowly dissipated as I neared my home. I was worrying about any nasty surprises that might be on my doorstep or in my house.

As I stepped down from my vehicle I ran suddenly clammy hands down my jeans. Walking back to the rear of my cherry red SUV, I once again wrestled with the balloons and the rest of the cake. It didn't seem as yummy now. I'd just give it to the police officers who were coming to wire me up and give last minute pep talks.

I resisted looking around my neighborhood as I walked up to my front door. I knew for a fact that there were several police officers peppered about discretely keeping an eye out for my house. It still wasn't reassuring.

With one more wrestling match I got in my door and locked it soundly. As I stood panting like a runner after a marathon, a knock sounded at the door. It was one of the undercover policemen. He was a neighbor coming over to check on me under the guise of asking for a step ladder.

Feeling calmer by the minute, I started getting ready for my big night. The night I could finally put the past behind me. Seven months and fourteen days of torture were coming to a dramatic end.

After running as hot as I could take it water in my large bath tub I added rose scented bath salts and stepped in for an hour long relaxing soak. After the water started cooling I drained it and started my shower. I had thanked the gods for upgrading the size of my water heater and blessed the gas company. Again I went for a rose scented soap and a neutral smelling shampoo and conditioner. The flowery scent soothed my nerves which were feeling shaky again.

Strolling out of my bathroom naked I walked as calmly as possible to my bedroom. Normally I wouldn't do this even though I lived alone. But I felt the need to build more confidence this way. It was my way of asserting some sort of control in an uncontrollable situation.

I sat on the edge of the bed and gave myself a brief pedicure to keep my stockings from snagging on any rough skin I had at the moment. The damn things were real silk and despite this being a serious situation, I wasn't about to let it ruin good stockings. It was another way of me saying 'Fuck you, you sick ass bastard!' I needed this prep time to work up my courage. And after quickly painting and drying my nails in a sedate shade of red, I took my dress out of the closet. It was a sexy little number, the classic little red dress. Spaghetti straps at the shoulders that converged at the back of my neck and proceeded to criss-crossed down the back to just above my butt. But first my garter, thong and then my stockings and then slipped on my Bordello Tempt-35's in red. And then my dress which I had to do a little wiggle to get it on. Then I made sure everything was tucked where it should be and made sure nothing was showing that wasn't supposed to be showing.

Now it was time for the finishing touches; my make-up and a touch of silver jewelry. I wasn't an expert but I could mimic pretty good. I attached some false eyelashes to make my eyes pop just a bit more. They weren't overly dramatic, but it did give them the appearance of being fuller. The ultimate finishing touch were my delicate CZ showering earrings that came to rest one inch above my shoulders. Studs went into the top holes. A chain-mail necklace topped everything off perfectly.

After I dug around my closet I took out my little used white mink faux-furred trench jacket. It had just two buttons. One under my chin and one at my waist so I could walk without falling over.

Despite the situation, I felt sexy as hell. If this wasn't so serious, I'd have enjoyed dressing this way for a real date. As it was, it just one more thing to burn when I got home.

The doorbell rang. It was the “florist” with my rose.

I collected my things, purse, jacket, one more pat to my neatly coiffed hair and to the door I went to get the beastly little flower that was also going on the burn pile.

After the second or third push, I managed to get everything organized under one arm and yanked the door open. It was the detective himself. We gave each other a shock. I was exposing more skin than I usually do and he looked like an honest to god deliveryman right down the nerdy black framed glasses held together with white masking tape at the nose. I couldn't help letting out a less than lady-like snigger. He turned a little red when he still didn't say anything and I had to catch his attention by waving my hand in his face.

“Yo! My eyes are up here, not at my chest,” I laughed.

“Huh? Oh! Here are your flowers Miss,” he said in a befuddled voice. Apparently he hadn't thought I had anything like this. I was a plain girl after all. This dress and these shoes were bought on a dare. Yes a dare. There was no other way I'd have bought them in the first place.

I gave him a tip like any other delivery person and walked out the door while simultaneously pushing him down the steps and out of my way. I had to hiss at him under my breath to move it or lose it. He got the hint and hightailed it to the florist van and nearly peeled away from the curb.

“Idiot. A man see a rack and he turns stupid.” I rolled my eyes.

It was a relatively short ride to the restaurant. I didn't live that far from the city and traffic was mercifully light. Most couples would be out later in full force.

Fracios was bustling. It made me glad of the reservations even if my date was a stalker.

I walked up to the maitre d and asked about the reservation under my name. He scanned his list swiftly and seeing my name escorted me to my table and took my coat to the coat room and returned with a stub. Nice service. Again too bad.

The waiter came to take my order and I declined and just asked for the wine bottle and a glass of ice water with a hint of lemon and sugar. Now was not the time to inebriate one's self. No tell what disaster it would cause.

It was an hour later when the maitre d came back with a message that my date was here and wished for me to close my eyes.

Now was the moment of truth. With a shaky nod I did as asked. What seemed like for ever I heard the soft tread of feet and the scraping of the chair across from me.

“Open your eyes my sweet,” said a feminine voice.

My eyes flew open in shock and widened as much as they could. It was Jamie from accounting! What the fuck??

“I can see I have shocked you, my love,” she said demurely as she unfolded the napkin on the plate and placed it daintily on her lap.

I still couldn't think straight.

She let out a tinkling laugh. This was amusing to her it seemed.

I couldn't understand what the hell was going on. Since when was she interested in women? I've only ever seen her with men. And good looking ones at that.

“W-what the hell was going on,” I said in a rush.

“Isn't it obvious? We're on a date together. I have wanted to ask you out for so long,” she said adoringly.

“B-but...I'm not gay! Or even bisexual!”

“But that doesn't stop the heart from wanting to be with someone. Admit it, you've wanted to be with me too despite your assertions otherwise. All those coy looks you've given me when we were around others, unable to confess your hearts desire and covering it up. I know you love me. How can you not after all those notes and memo's you've sent me over the years,” she said dreamily. She was lost in her own world. A world where we were meant for each other and were together.

“Are you nuts?! I haven't sent you any notes or memos that didn't pertain to work!”

“Yes, I know that, and no I'm not nuts. I could read between those lines of legality to what you were truly saying to me. Your my soul mate! Please be with me! I'm nothing without you. I am just a lump of clay ready for your loving hands to mold and shape me,” she said as she leaned toward me with an earnest look in her eyes. I was a goddess to her in some way.

My eyebrows snapped together in anger. I've had enough of this garbage.

“No. I'm not yours and I don't love you. I'd rather be screwed but a fucking octopus than you. You are fucking insane if you ever thought I'd date you or any other woman. I real dick and not some fucking strap on Jamie. I've never sent anything to you with any secret meanings, or looked at you in such a way as to lead you on. It all makes sense now. Asking for this dress, after all it was you who dared me to get in the first place, and being able to get in and out of my house undetected. I've let you house sit for me on more than one occasion. What the hell is your malfunction?!”

Jamie's face crumbled in first confusion and then hurt. She dropped her head as if in shame and started to cry quietly. She dropped her napkin and bent over to retrieve it. When she came back up she had a snubbed nose .22 caliber purse gun. It was tucked close to her body so no one could see the gun. It couldn't do a lot of damage but it could still kill me if I was hit in the right spot.

Tears streaked her mascara and made a ruin of the rest of her make-up. The black streaks gave her a terrifying look.

“You bitch! How can you mock me and our love! I gave up a lot for you. I went to great lengths getting you all those gifts and you gave them to the police each and every time! I LOVE YOU! HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE ME BACK??” She hissed . started to hiccup-sob and all the while her eyes glittered more and more with madness.

I had to take control of the situation. She was starting to make a scene. It was only Divine Intervention that no one has noticed her crying or the gun. The low lighting and flickering candles made it impossible to really notice something like that.

“I'm sorry Jamie. I didn't mean to trample your feelings. I didn't mean the things you said. I was just taken aback, that's all,” I said soothingly. “Let's get your face cleaned up and redone in the ladies room.”

Her eyes widened in shock and then as understanding set in, her tears stopped. A beatific smile graced her face.

“Yes, lets go.”

That was the “Plan D” cue. When we were planning I told them it might be wise to plan something just in case it was a woman. My instincts were right to insist.

As we got up and got near the restrooms, the cops came out from their covers and nailed her. She went down in a screech of rage at being duped.

“I told you Jamie, I'd rather be fucked by a octopus than you.”

I turned on my heel and walked out. I left the coat, my purse, my sanity behind me in that place. I kept my license out in my glove box so I could beat a hasty retreat. I didn't want to stay there any longer that necessary.

Outside the restaurant was swarming with cops and black and whites. It was as if giant man eating drone bees had found a secret stash of nuclear waste and who ever got the most was the head honcho.

With another silent and catatonic ride home, I found myself home. Or rather the empty shell of my home. It seemed sad that in a few days I was leaving it behind after nearly eight years.

I don't remember much of what happened after that, but it seemed like a short time later someone knocked on my door. It was the handsome detective. Too bad not even under normal circumstances would our paths have crossed. And it was too bad it was under these that we did. He'd been so nice to me.

I opened the door a crack. I didn't extend it any more than the chain allowed.

“Yes,” I said dully. I was wasted both functionally, mentally and physically.

“You left these behind you,” he said softly with sympathetic eyes. Those beautiful cat green eyes. It was a shame. It really was.

“Keep them. I'm only going to burn them later.”

Again sadness seeped into those eyes.

“And no, you can't come in. I'll give my statement tomorrow.” I slammed the door in his face and bolted the door. I shoved my recliner up against the door for good measure. I hope it gave him the message I wanted to covey. It did as I heard heavy steps going down my walk way and to his car.

Tears fell down my eyes.

I fucking hated Valentines Day. I always ended up alone and hurt.
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