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Harry Potter and all associated characters belong to JK Rowling and no money is being made from this story.
Where Our Story Ends
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So this is where it ends, yes? This is were our story comes to a close; you lying lifeless on the ground while I stand over you.

We both knew it would end this way. You kill each other with the same curse, and the people who love you are left to pick up the pieces. Those Gryffindors never saw this coming, did they? Them, and their optimism. Them and their beliefs. You knew, though. I knew you’d never belonged with them. I knew you were too clever, too disillusioned to be able to uphold those silly ideals of theirs, and yet…

Yet you chose them, didn’t you. Slytherine would have made you great, would have made you a god in our eyes, but instead you chose their world. As such, you failed at tipping the balance to the side of good. Didn’t you know, as much as you’ve changed me, you could have changed all of Slytherine as well, and you wouldn’t have had to die. You could have created a great bond between Slytherine and Gryffindor. You could have saved yourself.

You could have saved us.

Fuck, I could have saved us! Couldn’t I? You spoke of Tokyo and Rome and all I would have had to do was say where, and now, and we would have been there, not here. Not here with this world’s shattered Prince at my feet. Not here with the look of dread, and loss, and confusion on the face of all the Gryffindors who finally had done to them what we were born with.

Wizarding Chess indeed.

We could have been sitting in a sushi shop in Tokyo, or a Café in Rome. We could have seen the ancient architecture of Cambodia, gone to Thailand to watch the dancers. We could have met with the Dali Lama and seen the biggest ball of thread in America. We could have been far from here, far from this war.

But it would have caught up with us eventually, wouldn’t it have? Without you to die for them, they would be crushed. You had to have known that. And yet, running was still your greatest idea, our great solution to the problem that was us. And, right now, even knowing we wouldn’t be able to run forever, I still regret not telling you that yes, I would run away with you, live as a muggle and strip away from my family just to have a few years with you where we wouldn’t have to meet in secret, just to return to my own bed to sleep alone. Where every morning I would wake up smelling your hair, or wrapped in your arms, and where every night would be spent curled together, pretending we didn’t care what was happening outside our little flat, or house, or whatever.

But no, I let my practicality rule me, and am now moving to kneel down before my savior, friendly dagger in hand, and prepare to follow you into the dark.

The End

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