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Series TitleSort Down Creator Favorited Stories
A Midwinter Night's Dream (Description)
A series of Christmas themed stories involving Clint Barton and Phil Coulson all set in the same universe.
ladydeathfaerie 0 4
Disney's Gargoyles (Description)
All of my Gargoyle's tales are part of the same continuity based mostly on seasons 1 and 2 of the cartoon series with a few nods to season 3.
Ginevra 0 4
Fools (Description)
The adventures of Robbie Moffatt and Miranda Park.
Redsliver 0 2
Forbidden Fruit (Description)
A series of short stories (and a couple drabbles) that chronicles the ups and downs in an ongoing relationship between one Hermione Granger and a certain Potion's Master.
Nanaea 0 5
His, Mine and Ours (Description)
A series of (probably) 6 relatively short stories. Before he was King, Eomer was the Third Marshal of the Riddermark and she was His.
zee 0 3
I Never Wanted to Be Water Before (Description)
Fics related to Nan's challenge.
Dazzledfirestar 0 2
Matt & Tony Love (Description)
Stories focusing on the Matt/Tony (Daredevil & Iron Man) relationship.
Nanaea 0 2
Mutant Sue Virus (Description)
Ginevra's original Marvel MSV and all the tie in fics that go with it.
Dazzledfirestar 3 31
Remy & Ororo Love (Description)
Stories focusing on the Ororo/Remy (Storm & Gambit) relationship.
Nanaea 0 2
Serenanna's Full Metal Alchemist Series (Description)
A series of stories created by Serenanna that focus on Full Metal Alchemist.
Serenanna 0 5
Sheep In Wolf's Clothing (Description)
Because what they are and who they are have become disconnected until it's no longer about playing a part but being a person. Three vignettes on love, hate and war. Harry/Draco
Pixagi 1 3
Spectacular Spider-man Seasons 3, 4 and 5 (Description)
Just a conglomeration of the series via the story arcs. There will be 12 stories in all each with 3 or 4 chapters.
Redsliver 0 3
Spuffy Love (Description)
Stories focusing on the Buffy/Spike relationship.
Nanaea 0 2
Supervillainess Inc. (Description)
Stories related to the Supervillainess Inc universe and the characters therein.
Dazzledfirestar 5 31
The MallZombies Saga (Description)
The never ending zombie hunting escapades of Gin and ldf. There's nothing worse than the mall on Halloween. Except when its inhabited by brain eating zombies.
ladydeathfaerie 2 5
The Red Room (Description)
Stories set in and around a very exclusive BDSM club called The Red Room, a very exclusive BDSM club. (A Marvel Universe AU)
ladydeathfaerie 0 2
The Rohirric cycle (Description)
A series of related Rohirrim stories, starting with Gamling. Also known as 'Rider-verse'
zee 0 5
The Trials of Ginny (Description)
A series stories revolving around Ginny.
Trae 1 2
Torch & Spidey Love (Description)
A series of drabbles focusing on the Johnny/Peter (The Human Torch & Spider-Man) relationship.
Nanaea 1 3
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