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Story CodesSort Down Description Grouping Stories
Age ProgCharacter(s) is/are portrayed as older than seen in canon. Technical 33
Age RegCharacter(s) is/are portrayed as younger than seen in canon. Technical 2
AngstAngst, emo, etc. Technical 155
AUAlternate reality (AR), alternate universe, same characters in a different world, etc. Technical 69
CougarOlder woman, younger man; non-shouta. Pair-'em-ups 1
CrossoverStory involving more than one fandom. Technical 15
DaydreamSituation involves daydreaming, fantasizing, etc. Mechanics 31
Death IPeaceful death of a character. Violence 9
Death IINon-snuff, violent death of a character (murder, etc.). Violence 45
F. PregFemale pregnancy. Fetishes A-L 38
F/FFemale/Female. Pair-'em-ups 40
FluffAlso called WAFF or "warm-and-fuzzy feeling". Technical 87
FurryConcerning anthropomorphic animals, AKA furries. Fetishes A-L 3
GrowA character increases in size Fetishes A-L 0
GSGender switch; not to be confused with TRAN. Fetishes A-L 1
HCHurt-comfort sub-genre. Fetishes A-L 31
HumiliationDisgrace, humiliation, shaming of a character, etc. Fetishes A-L 25
LanguageUse of curse words in a story Technical 194
M. PregMale pregnancy Fetishes M-Z 5
M/FMale/Female Pair-'em-ups 286
M/MMale/Male Pair-'em-ups 191
MCSituation involves mind control Technical 17
NPNon-pornographic story Technical 165
OCOriginal Character (generally in fanfic setting) Technical 135
One-ShotStory has only one chapter and is complete Technical 352
OOCCharacter is intentionally out of character Technical 21
ParodySelf-explanatory Technical 15
RacistSituation involving discrimination, hate crimes, etc. Violence 7
Self-HarmNon-cutting; things like eating disorders, addictions, etc. Violence 3
ShrinkA character decreases in size Fetishes M-Z 0
SISelf-insertion, Mary Sue, etc. Technical 53
SpankSpanking. Fetishes M-Z 27
SugarOlder man, younger woman; non-loli. Pair-'em-ups 20
TransSituation involves at least one transgender participant. Technical 4
UndeadSituation involving non-vampiric undead. (e.g., zombies) Technical 7
USTUnresolved sexual tension. Technical 40
VampSituation involves Vampires. Technical 11
Violence ICartoonish, fantasy-style violence. Violence 39
Violence IISemi-realistic, over-the-top, martial arts violence. Violence 36
VomitSelf-explanatory. May or may not be graphic. Technical 10
XenoSituation involves non-humanoid aliens. Fetishes M-Z 4
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