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I do not own Drow, nor will I ever claim to, despite how awesome they are. And I am not making any money from this. They belong to Wizards of The Coast.
I Remember
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I had a dream I was a Drow. I remember I had a brother who lived beneath the waves and I led his wife to him. She nearly drowned, the the waters hindered me not, troubled as they were. When we reached my brother, he bonded some sort of centipede to her spines. Her fair, pink skin turned blue. I remember wondering at it's sharp contrast to my pitch black skin.

Eventually she escaped him and we began killing her people until she returned to him. I knew where she was and I knew she fled because we were already subjugating her people, as we had done so many before. I remember her begging me to leave her people alone and she would return to my brother. “We are Drow”, I told her' “we do not bargain. We take. You are lucky I do not take you myself and risk my younger brother's blade.” Her skin was still that pale blue I marveled at before, glistening from a natural moisture that now graced her water-touched skin. “Your people will die or be slaves. These are your choices. Make one now while you still have them.”

I could barely race her tears down her face but I knew they were there.

The rest is a blur, as most dreams are. A mansion. Some gargoyles. The most memorable part was when I was dragging her down through the waves. I remember thinking, “Wow. This is scary. But I am Drow. I am scarier.”

Chapter 1 of 1
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