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If you want to steal these make sure you do so while consuming alcohol.
Round 2
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It's been a while from when between us message was sent.
But I've words that need saying, from the heart they were meant.
Good friends we were and yet,
I never thought you would forget,
Lady, it's your mouth that won't get pregnant.

Bald, father, cancer, these jokes are getting tired.
Perhaps it is time to see them dumped in the mire.
I'm left with little to say.
Where there's a Will, there's a gay.
Well maybe your mother can get me inspired.

Hey, Brett! In honor
of you, this haiku is one
syllable short

Heather, I forgot to wish you Happy Birthday,
How I've been so remiss, I cannot say
I hope this apology
Will let you finally see
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, No one likes you.

Liam you're a man of wit and a man of shapes
You are a master of words and quick with a jape
I say this from the heart
With me do not start
Lest I tell you to run along and go fuck an ape.

Your lyrical designs are such a disgrace
I do not understand how you show your face
I can't listen to this
I must leave to piss
Like a horse of indeterminate race

There once was a borderline hipster called Ben
The man in the hat, who could never say when
I don't mean to sound rash
Now that you're done with Ash
What kind of roofies would you recommend?

What to say about Ben Murphy, I'm torn
My lack of quips leaves us all forlorn
He gets off scot-free
well he is ugly
and he masturbates to Neal Johnstone porn

Mr B, Mr B, Mr B, When will you learn?
Anyone stepping to me shall get burned!
Your poor rhymes fall dead,
worse than your mom in bed,
She's even boring when over she is turned.

Liam, your poems and words are all top shelf
Only nine limericks? I was hoping this could be twelfth
I congratulate thee
I masturbate me
This is the only way I can express myself

Mr Chasse out in the cold and the flat
I don't got much, it's been so long since we chat
I seek to poke fun
But my mind's broke, done!
I'm not quite sure where to go with this, Pat.

Sometimes, I wish I could blame it on the drugs.
But your mom only moves from the bed bugs
Limp as a fish
is it too much to wish
That you rhyme slightly better than she fucks?

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