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If you want to steal these make sure you do so while consuming alcohol.
Terrible Limericks
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Leno was a man whose head was shorn
Between trannies and young boys he was torn
Soft skin like a chick
Still attached to a dick
He was put away for what society calls "child" porn

There once was a lad named Ben
He was clearly a monster among men
He liked his girls so small
Pre-teens one and all
That he's now serving five to ten

There once was a bloke named Fisher
He met a genie who allowed him to play the wisher
He wanted a good life
But he wished for a wife
I know you're not surprised that he hits her

There once was a strumpet named Jen
Drop a few dimes and say when
Imagine what she'll do for a ten

There once was a floozy named D
Who's affections were given harshly
Screaming and crying
You'll wish you were dying
And that's just what you can get for free!

The name Liam has much renown
Be afraid should you see his frown
Bite down on your bit
Don't mind all the shit
You're about to be raped by a sad clown

I once had a mate named Danny
He was never up a bird's fanny
He filled his spank bank
Forever will wank
Until he shells out a few quid for a tranny

There once was a trollop named Ash
Who would do naughty things for cash
Shout "Bend Over!" or "Kneel!"
Take a pinch and a squeal
And toss her out with the rest of the trash

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