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This story belongs to me. Which means these character belong to me and no one else. Borrow my unnamed character(s) without permission, and I'll throw a boot to your head, but it won't be funny. And it'll hurt real bad.
A Snowy Day
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It was a cold and snowy day as it fell intermittently. It couldn't decide whether it should send large, wet and sticky flakes or small and dry ones that don't stick at all.

Either way it was a beautiful day. The mighty pines were dressed in its winter cold winter coats.

Inside though a fire flickered in the large fireplace giving the lone woman a feeling of contentment after a hectic day of moving into her winter home that was nestled at the foot of a majestic mountains that towered behind her home.

It was a shame however that she was spending it all alone. Being a newly widowed woman was not how she intended to the remaining months of winter. The car accident took her husband was horrific. His facial features were so mangled that it took reconstruction of the skull and his dental records used to identify him.

He had been crushed between two tractor trailers hauling heavy loads. Loads that demanded caution in such inclement weather. But they did not respect the loads they were carrying and it ultimately resulted in several fatalities that included her husband and a mother of two children. All three now gone from this world forever.

The woman sipped her wine and continued to stared the hypnotic dance of the fire as tears slipped down her cheeks. Her eyes red and puffy from grief. All she could do was remember the argument that sent him out in the horrid weather.

Sniffing hard she swiped at the tears that gathered at her delicate chin. That too was sore from wiping away the heavy deluge of tears that came and went.

Scowling she stood up and set her wine glass down with a dull thunk on a low end table. Taking another swipe at the remaining tears she walked over to the large bay window and looked at the gathering gloom outside. How can something so delicate be so dangerous?

Taking a deep breath to stall the next round of hated tears, she blew it out like she was trying to blow one of those balloons that made animals and other whimsical shapes. Unfortunately the tears came anyway. This time they stung unmercifully from the constant tracks they made.

How she wished that she could turn back time and take back the ugly things they flung at each other. She never would have divorced him. She loved him so much. On the flip side though he could be a pain in the ass and she was certainly guilty of the same thing.

God how she regretted those hateful words!

Gulping back racking sobs that started to rack her small body, she ran to her bedroom and flung herself on the soft comforter and wishing things were different. She knew better though. Nothing could change the events of the last six weeks. Nothing. Not all the praying and bargaining with God or the Devil would make things different.

After a while she drifted in and out of sleep, her mind kept wandering in and out of 'What if..' possibilities. Finally though her weary brain let her succumb to the sweet arms of Morpheus and let her get some much needed rest.

Her life would never be the same again.
Chapter 1 of 1
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