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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The Author holds exclusive rights to this work. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.
A Pleasant Daydream
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I was relaxing in the tub when a daydream besieged me.

I was walking along a moonlit beach when a man emerged from the pounding surf. He was dripping wet and beautifully sculpted. As he strode towards me I felt a dress billow around me that was like a whisper of air and equally fragile.

Looking down, I saw that I was actually naked and it was my long hair that was caressing my naked body.

Now he stood before me still dripping wet and nothing covering him. It was just him and his proud cock standing before me. I felt myself get wet with excitement for his stare was as hot as the sun, yet you could still look at it with out getting burned.

He held out a strong hand asking me to come with him. With a quick catch of my breath I accepted his hand and we walked a few feet away from the pounding surf and together, as if choreographed sank down to the cold wet sand. Neither one of us noticed. It could have been covered in grunions and we wouldn't have cared.

He drew me into his arms and I gasped at the chill that clung to his body. He smiled and drew me him and I did not fight it. I couldn't turn down the sweet temptation he offered me. If he had drawn away from me instead, I would have been devastated at being denied. I would have howled my hurt and fury into the four winds.

He drew my attention back to him with a gentle touch to my cheek. I smiled and rubbed my cheek into the cup of his hand and laid a tender kiss on his palm. That started a chain reaction of kisses up his arm up to his shoulder, across his collar bone and finally ending at the hollow of his strong throat. By then I was near panting and I could feel my clit tighten almost painfully and needed relief soon.

As soon as I was able to, I looked into his eyes and let him see my need for his touch.

He reached out and smoothed my hair down smiled and I returned that smile. I was estatic. A dream lover from the sea. Who could have turned down such a treat?

Without hesitation we kissed passionately. Soon we were sinking down to the wet sand. I gasped at the sensation. I have never done something like this at all. It was...interesting to say the least.

I felt his strong hands caress me from chest to toes and back again as I withered where I lay. When he made a third pass up my legs he didn't continue up as before, but detoured to the junture at my thighs. And with gentle fingers separated my wet folds and found that little magic button that had my eyes rolling and releasing a groan of satisfaction from deep within me. I eagerly parted my thighs farther for easy access.

He willingly took the invitation and replaced his wandering fingers in me to his lips, teeth and oh, so talented, tongue. I reared up off the sand in a orgasm that had the blood rushing back to my head leaving me pleasantly dizzy.

Taking his cue from my reaction, he levered himself up and was preparing to enter me when a bang from the other room broke my pleasant daydream.

I was so going to kill whoever did it. I was still horny as hell.

Curse living alone and giving my friend a damn key to come in whenever she wanted.

I need a man badly. Either that, a good dildo.
Chapter 1 of 1
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