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My words, my work.
Poetry Challenge - Limericks
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Here's to Chris, surly and mean.
The baldest fucker I've ever seen.
You invite us to drink,
But wouldn't you think,
We'd all rather be fucking Pauline.

And now I raise a glass to Crunch,
Brother of mine, we like you a bunch
But take your eyes off that goal
And take your hands off Nicole
Before she loses her lunch.

To Pat, you traitorous Frog, you filthy Mick
Back from Guatemala, you speak like a Spic
But now that you're home
With a little Jew to bone.
So get lost and give Erin some dick.

Liam you scare me, but I still raise my glass.
You've proven the world doesn't need any class.
Lucky you, to get Karen
If she doesn't mind sharing
I wouldn't mind smacking that ass.

Fuck you Quinn, she's Jason's you prick.
She likes it big and yours just ain't thick.
So grab you that faggot
He'll so let you shag it
You're not gay, He sucked your dick.

Here's to Danny, a great part of our faction.
You get us all going, the source of our traction
It is cold in decemeber
But always remember
You're only here because of affirmative action

Hello Brittany, You're always so pretty.
Whether out in the forest or the in the light of the city.
I won't press my luck.
You're not here for a fuck.
But one more beer and you'll show us your titties.

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