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I do not claim ownership of any of the recognizable characters or worlds in this work. They remain the property of the heirs to H.P. Lovecraft. I do not make any money from this endeavor.
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I've been having strange nightmares, dear reader, and I desperately need to tell you, whoever you are, for I value my freedom more than my sanity so I refuse to go to a doctor and surely be put away. My aunt recently died and since then I've had these strange dreams. My real problem here is not just how strange or vivid these dreams are, no. My trouble is caused by their tendency to creep over me while awake.
A month ago, my mother's sister came down from somewhere in Massachusetts, Mis-somewhere or the other, I'm not sure exactly where. She was born here in Brooklyn and she wanted to die here as well. My mother has moved upstate so my aunt moved in with me in Red Hook.
As weak as she was, battling with cancer and old age, she asked that I take her around to Bay Ridge, her old neighborhood. I drove her down and wheeled her around to her childhood home and school and the such but oddly enough, when I suggested we head down to the bay, where she and my mother had spent most of their teenage years, drunken and happy, I was met with much hesitance. As she neared the water, her eyes glazed over and she stared out in the vast emptiness of the ocean. I can admit, here, that this is when my grip on reality began to falter. I swear I saw something in the water but I know it cannot have been.
When we made our way back to my car, my aunt's unblinking gaze made its way to me.
"I have something to show you." She said.
Since her death, I have brought the odd bit of jewelry she showed me to many experts and none can place it's origin. The trinket is made of some alien alloy of gold, silver and some metal I can't identify and sculpted in a design not from Europe or Asia. Perhaps, Africa. Or the South Pacific. Either way, it's rather dazzling and every guest to whom I've shown it has been entranced by its craftsmanship. Though impressive as it is, I wish I had never gotten the damn thing.
All around the city, but more so along the water, I find my aunt's stare haunting me. From here to Coney Island, her eyes seem to be on most everyone's face and they all seem to be staring at me. Not just out, specifically, at me.. And that creature in the water... at every bay and beach, in every sewage drain, I see it. And it sees me. I swear it does.
These things I see everywhere, some kind of new sea life, I'm shocked I haven't heard it's discovery in the news, but then again, I can't find anything of this size, save for sharks and octopi, squids and walruses. These... hybrids of anglers and frogs, aren't in any textbook, old or new. I even phoned the people at the leading Science magazine and asked of new discoveries. No answers. Anywhere.
These creatures are surpassed in horror just barely by the entity in my sleeping dreams. In my dreams, I am in this place, this city of some strange architecture that I'm sure can only exist in a dream. In the distance, above this maelstrom of mathematic miscalculation, I see this dark silhouette. My eyes cannot make out it's details, and of this I have been thankful, but every thing about this blobby mass radiates pure evil. I hate it with all heart, perhaps from instinct or some hidden memories deep with me, but I know this... THING is not supposed to be.
As the days of confusion and paranoia overwhelm me, to the point where I swear that I was staring at myself with her accursed eyes, I don't know how much longer I'll last. Everywhere I go, everyone I see, they seem to know, why else would they look at me with those eyes, they know the terror that I feel, they have the answers. I must have the answers. What are these things I see? What is that place in my dream?

I've had to quit my job. I'm sure I'll be dead, by the fish-frogs or those staring zombies that walk the street pretending to be human. I know I'll be dead. The last few days I've been coming home, things have been wrong. They hate me for some reason, as I hate them. They are trying to get me, I have to be on guard.
The last few days, on my way home from work, I've found my porch flooded as if someone sprayed my door with a hose. My garden destroyed by what my eyes are telling me are footprints but I know my eyes are lying, they stare like the others. Perhaps it was the fish-frogs, dripping. But so much water, there'd have to be more than one. No. My mind is turning on me, is my garden truly destroyed? My porch wet? Maybe I'm imagining it all?
Maybe my waning sanity to which previous alluded has long since gone?
I saw one last night. The huge fish-frog hopping into the bay just as I was leaving for work. They're trying to catch me in the dark, at the dawn. But they won't get me because I'm not going outside, I won't make it that easy. I've stocked up on food and I'll last. They'll have to come and get me. Them and those wretched staring zombies. They took my aunt. I went to visit her grave this week and found the same marks in the dirt around her grave. I was so disgusted, I didn't bother to inform the groundskeeper.
In my sleep I get no rest, my dreams have fermented and are poisoning me. In my new dream, I drift in the water, just off the island with the impossible architecture. Creatures fly above me that seem all too real. These things with 5-pointed heads flying away from the island and diving into the ocean, far away from me. A strong stench that stays with me even after I wake beckons me to look down beneath me. The water is black but I can still make out the entity below me. He appears to be standing on the ocean floor looking up at me and though his head is a hundred feet down, the size is still .... as I remember this now, writing it for you, I find myself dumbfounded so I will just say this with as much tact as I can. He head was colossal, larger that a herd of blue whales and at first what I thought was another set of creatures turn out to be many tentacles moving through the water from his "face". And what terrified most, more than the knowledge that there was more to him that was beyond my sight was that in his giant staring eyes, there was more than just a spark of intelligence. I could feel in his gaze, that which can only be referred to as divine intellect and I think it was this that made me hate him even more. I have to stop writing now.

In these next few days, I intend to sleep in the day. I will be awake to see the fish-frogs. I must see them. Seeing them, I know will drive me madder but I am compelled to. I must know if they are real or just how insane I am.

Over the last week, people have been gathering outside my house at night. I know it's them. The fish-eyed masses, staring at me. Keeping watch for the ones from the water. But I must confess, I feel somewhat relieved. I don't know what it is but a new stroke of optimism has come upon me and I feel I can make it through this.
I have not seen the Deep Ones, only the people. I suppose that's something to be happy about. But while my fear is leaving, I find disappointment in its place. I want to see these things. My fascination with them is stronger now than before, I just want to SEE them. Know why they're here. Perhaps they want their trinket. The strange bauble my aunt gave me at her death.
She was in my dream last night. It didn't look like her but it was her. We were in this underground village and there was a great party. In the distance the colossal entity was watching but he didn't scare me.
I think I'm gonna go out there soon. I've been feeling ill, anyway. Maybe I have a fever, I've had to take many showers today to cool off. Maybe I should go for a swim... No, I can't go for a swim, they'll get me. I won't just hand myself to them. I should just go see my doctor.

I've just awakened, dear reader, and I have to share with you this magnificent feeling. I've never felt so free in my life. Tonight, I'm going to move in with my family. My real family. I found the source of my minds turmoil and I'm better now, so we can be reunited. I will join them in the ocean. I have changed much and I think I've evolved enough to venture to the the Great City. The others are ready, too, they're waiting outside. We will all go to Paradise to await his return. We will protect the city and feast in preparation. The stars are almost right! Ia! Ia, Cthulhu! Ia!
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