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The speed of light. Cures to sicknesses. These concepts seem just out of reach, as if it lingers just beyond the netting that holds me to my dark little hole. But the quiet lets me ponder such things. There was never enough time, never enough quiet to think out in the rest of the world. Wonders beyond measure, friends, family, those there were plenty of, but never enough quiet.

Of course there are times my mind wanders along paths that are not as enlightening, or challenging. What had Otto done to my friends? To Susan? Those are thoughts I dare not voice to our captor when he asks what I have been thinking about. But still, not treasured mystery, no unknowable thing haunts me more. Will I see them again? Will I see the light of the sun again?

I have never been afraid of asking questions of myself, but these ones… I fear the answers. At least, I feared them until I heard the crackle of the guards clothing catching fire suddenly.

Nothing, it seems, is unknowable.

Chapter 1 of 1
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