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Just a Girl
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She rolled her eyes… again. “You okay, Jeanie?”

“Yes Logan. Surprisingly enough, this isn’t my first fight.” Before he could say something back, she deflected a rather large piece of scaffolding that was flying toward them.

“Ya sure, darlin’?”

Oh for gods sake. “Yes, Logan.” She was tempted to float him away from her, like she’d subtly done with Scott earlier in the fight. She’d been an X-Man  longer than Logan, and nearly as long as Scott, but they insisted on treating her like she was made of glass. Well, at least they weren’t calling her Marvel Girl anymore. That was one moniker that needed retiring around the same time she got rid of her training bra.

She heard the crumbling noise before the other and called out a warning. They began the mass exodus of the warehouse and the roof began to cave. She held it up, a look of concentration on her face. That, and a little bit of bitterness. She could save their lives time and time again, but she was still the fragile little flower. Yup, that’s right boys, let the pretty little girl save your asses again.

Chapter 1 of 1
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