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This story is 2007 Copyright of madlodger. All rights reserved.
The Murky Windows of Perception
Chapter 1 of 1

A/N: I posted this as a response to a challenge about Perception and our understanding of Good and Evil.

Here is my take on Perception (an excerpt from madlodger's Personal Journal):

Let's start from the beginning. Years ago... Here I was, in a little empty room with stainless steel walls and a single Window. Some light filtered in through the glass, but not much could be seen through.

 The Window was ignored until boredom set in. At that point the Window was looked at and examined. A sudden thought occurred to me then: "What if I could see through the murkiness? Is there something out there?"

In order to achieve that goal, numerous books were read. Knowledge on Windows and how to see through grew exponentially.

Time went by. I realized that the cool opaque surface was uneven and that unevenness distorted mysterious Outside. "This I can work with!" I decided.

So, a long time was spent polishing Window's surface using various tools, until it became completely flat and smooth. That made a big change. More light filtered in from Outside and some strange moving objects could now be seen. Unfortunately, lack of definition prevented me from examining mysterious objects in great detail. I just knew that they existed.

"Why is it that after all that hard work I still can't see them?" That question bothered me until the realization came: "That glass is crooked on another side as well! And I can't step out to fix it. I don't have a spacesuit."

How discouraging.

At that point the Stainless Steel Room was not empty anymore, of course. Hundreds of household items and books made it very comfy. Everything was arranged to my satisfaction. Yep, I like my room a lot.

Time went by. What about that Window, though? Well...

I am getting up from my multifunctional leather office chair and walking by my fridge to the Window now. Cleaning off thick layer of dust and looking Outside. No change. Still the same. "OH, SHIT!!!" The huge spider landed right on the middle of the glass with a smack. His angry red eyes bore into mine and the next second he was gone, knocked off by a tiny piece of space debris.

"God, damn!" I pulled the curtain over the Window and walked back to my chair, grabbing an icy-cold bottle of New Castle from the fridge (Keeping supply lines short is the key of our success, hehe).

 Need to check my e-mails. Let's see... There are three from God. Oh, not another chain letter! What is he thinking? Deleting them. He'd be better off sending me his nude pictures, honestly. The man IS cute. What's next? Here is one from Devil:

In regard of your inquiry about moving objects outside your Window:
There are just other spaceships, much similar to your own one.
And now, here are my nude pictures :)

Yes, this is what I'm talking about! Mmmmm...

The murky Windows of Perception...

Chapter 1 of 1
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