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Should Have Been
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I think being an X-Man means that your timing has to suck. A lot. Especially when it comes to your love life. Prime example? How about finally getting to be with the man of your dreams when you’re on an alien planet that he’s supposed to destroy? Does that qualify? I think it does.

It was so hard to lose him. Harder still to believe he was back. I couldn’t wrap my head around it all at first. I thought he might not want me around, I thought I’d give him space. I was a complete and utter fool, and I wasted so much time. It’s easy to say that now. Now I have so much time to think on it all. We both wasted so much time, if I could still cry, I would.

The last thoughts I had were of him, of how much my leaving would hurt him, and how sorry I was about that. I should have been back on Earth, I should have been picking out a wedding dress and forcing Rachel into something she’d never wear again. I should have been Mrs. Peter Rasputin. But I had to save the world.

Funny the things you have time to think on when you’re dead.

Chapter 1 of 1
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