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The following characters belong solely to Rumiko Takahashi. I make absolutely nothing by using them and I only use them for the purposes of entertainment. None of the events depicted are from Ms. Takahashi's mind, but from mine.
In the End
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Sesshoumaru stood silently in the middle of the large field. The grass was brown and high, ready for cutting and storing for the winter months. A breeze blew by, lifting the ends of his hair ever so slightly, on it he caught the scent of burning wood in the distance, he also caught traces of meat being prepared for the evening meal. All around him life went on, while it seemingly stood still for him. He was hundreds of years old, and today was the first time he felt the weight of those years.

Looking down at his customary outfit he was still startled by the sight of his left arm being there where it belonged. He had recently acquired it and had it reattached, that hadn’t been an easy task since it had taken so damn long to do so. Even so, seeing it there, filling his sleeve again was startling. For so long after his half brother had taken it from him, it had sat empty and he futilely tried replacing it with the arms of many other demons. None of them lasted of course, for very long, after a while he had stopped trying as it no longer handicapped him as it once did. With a soft sigh he looked out again at the field around him.

There were subtle changes everywhere that announced the change in seasons; the air was lighter for one, not quite as heavy with heat as with the late Spring and Summer. The leaves on the various trees and bushes starting to change, or just wither and die outright. Nights were getting longer… So very many things. He closed his eyes and lifted his head a bit as he recalled times past. Rin loved this time of year.


Even now he thought of her. Of how beautiful she had grown as time passed for her. From a precocious, mischievous child, to a mature, beautiful female. Even for a ningen she had been exceptional in her beauty. Time had also matured that beauty until it started to fade some, as it must for the humans. Still, she insisted that she remain by his side until finally too much time had passed and she was no longer able to travel with him and Jakken. Ah-Uhn remained behind with her when he traveled about, so he had recruited some demons to watch over her while he was gone. Jakken often stayed and sometimes, even he stayed with her for long periods of time, though it pained him to see her so. But that smile, that smile that had captivated him from their first meeting remained the same, right up until the end.

Lowering his head he tried to ignore the pain that seared his heart. Her passing hadn’t been easy for him, or Jakken for that matter. His servant had, despite everything, had cared for Rin. She was hard not to love. His only regret was not following his urges to make her his and raise a family with her. But his stupid pride had gotten in the way, and it denied them both of what they wanted. Now it was all too late. She had been escorted to the Underworld not long ago, and was now reunited with her kin. He wondered if he would ever get to see her again when it was his time, or would he be on this earth for more centuries to come?

Without a whisper or a sound he turned and walked back to the clearing in the woods that held her house. He would no longer need it as she was no longer there. Why keep around the one thing guaranteed to make him feel pain over and over again by coming to it? He did not want to feel anything. However he knew he was forever changed by the little girl who came to his aid, who smiled despite him being rude to her, and who repaid it with nothing but kindness for the wounded demon. Reaching the house he saw Jakken and Ah-Uhn there, waiting outside for him already. With a subtle nod to Jakken, his servant raised the two headed staff, and using the Old Man’s face, burned it to nothing but cinders. Briefly he closed his eyes and hoped she received her belongings on the other side.

“Come, Jakken. There is nothing more for us to see here.”

“Ye-yes, milord! As you will,” Jakken stuttered out as he scrambled to the two headed dragon beast. As quick as he could on his stubby legs, he clamored aboard the large two headed dragon and with a tap of his heel, the beast took off without a fuss. Sesshoumaru stayed a moment longer before summoning a cloud beneath his feet and rose into the air, and swiftly out distanced his servants. He was never coming back to this clearing, nor this province. She was no longer here to bring him back, the past was the past and he lived in the here and now. He just hoped his heart believed the bullshit his head was saying.

Chapter 1 of 1
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