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Author Topic: Degrees to Dir en grey  (Read 739 times)
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« on: January 28, 2009, 04:02:25 AM »

Okay, so I keep talking about this with friends and I decided... hey, why not put a topic up about it, since I keep doing it. Know how there's that thing X Degrees to Kevin Bacon? Well... we can play with Dir en grey the same way... and I do, trust me. XD

So, the ones I can think of real fast:

1. Kittie to Dir en grey (2 degrees or 3, depending on if you go through MSI to get to TEB)

Jeff Phillips was the guitarist for Kittie. He left Kittie to join the band Thine Eyes Bleed. Thine Eyes Bleed is on the Kerrang tour 2009 with Dir en grey along with Mindless Self Indulgence.

2. Paris Hilton to Dir en grey (2 degrees)

Paris Hilton is friends with Yoshiki (admitted, also Yoshiki was executive music director of Repo! The Genetic Opera, where she played Amber Sweet). Yoshiki produced one of Dir en grey's CDs. He is also known to have had them come to his home in CA upon occasion when they are in town.

3. Rob Zombie to Dir en grey (1 degree... I think)

Die (Dir en grey guitarist) is friends with Piggy D (Rob Zombie guitarist). Piggy D even gave Die a jacket.

Okay, so am I doing the degree thing right? I'm always mixed as to how exactly one counts the degrees.

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