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Title: June Site Update
Post by: Trae on June 20, 2009, 12:54:59 PM
This month's update has arrived.  There were many changes to the site code, new features, bug fixes, etc.  Keep in mind we are still in a beta state.  So if you find a bug or encounter a problem, please let us know about it.

Let's start with the nifty new stuff.
New Features

  • Author's Page - The author's page has been modified.  Now it show series created by that particular member.  Additionally, it now supports paging if the member has written many stories (as some of you have done).
  • Page Jumper - Throughout the archive we now support the ability to jump to a particular page.  So if there are 20 pages of stories in a particular category, you can now jump to page 19 without having to repetitively hit the next button. This has been implemented most everywhere.
  • Improved Chapter Management - Now you can reorder or delete any chapter that exists within a story you created.

Bug Fixes

  • Series Paging - Fixed a bug where paging wasn't working correctly.
  • Missing Story Characters - Fixed bug that was causing missing story characters from table of contents.